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Are traditional weddings a thing of the past?

Recent trends seem to suggest that weddings may be moving farther and farther away from traditional style with each passing day.  This very fact is reflected in the choice of wedding cakes that seem to be popping up all over the Internet. Wedding cakes traditionally were white pillar cakes adorned with lace and roses made […]

A collection of love quotes for holiday gift inspiration.

While browsing through Pinterest, I came across a few romantic love quotes that I thought might inspire you to make a romantic card to attach to a gift this holiday season.  If your not “crafty”,  you could simply send one of these beautiful quotes in an email to the one you love, it will surely […]

Montreal Party Magic with a romantic touch.

Montreal is one of the greatest weekend cities in the world if your looking  for night-life. The legal drinking age is eighteen and most bars and restaurants in the down-town core are open till the wee hours of the morning.  Bars in Montreal are allowed to stay open until 3am and some “members only” clubs are open […]

L’Hotel Cuq en Terrasse is as romantic as the sunflowers that grow nearby.

To grow effectively, sunflowers need a huge amount of sunlight.  Basking in the midsummer’s warmth of Cuq-Toulza, France, rows and rows of vibrant yellow sunflowers grow in the fields as far down the road as the eye can see.  Sun worshipping is the religion here and you do not have to look very far to […]

Halloween romantic getaways in Transylvania

  Wikepedia describes Transylvania as “a historical region in the central part of Romania. Bounded on the east and south by the Carpathian mountain range, historical Transylvania extended in the west to the Apuseni Mountains; however, the term sometimes encompasses not only Transylvania proper, but also the historical regions of Crişana, Maramureş, and Romanian part of Banat. Transylvania is often associated with vampires due to Bram […]

3 of the most unique and romantic hotels on earth.

There are many romantic places to go and so many hotels to choose from that deciding on a hotel can be a daunting task, but if your used to luxury and can afford to spend a little extra, than these romantic hotels might just be the right pick  for you.  Chosen both for luxury and […]

Reading can be romantic

If you are not the kind of individual who normally reads, you may not understand exactly how a detective novel relates to romance. In fact, you probably have no idea how reading is even considered romantic. Well as every prolific writer and reader knows, there is nothing more romantic than curling up to a nice warm […]

Give the most romantic gift of all ~ alone time!

In the words of Agatha Christie, for some people, travelling is more than just an adventure, it is a lifelong passion and a romanticized view of the world. “Your travel life has the essence of a dream. It is something outside the normal, yet you are in it. It is peopled with characters you have […]

Montreal’s Laurentian Region is a nature lover’s romantic paradise

If nature’s sheer elegance and tranquillity is what you are looking for, a Laurentian Mountain romantic getaway weekend may be just the ticket. A straight two hour drive from the hustle and bustle of the huge metropolis, the Argenteuil and Outaouais areas of Montreal are packed with clusters of tiny villages and towns spread over […]

France Is A Stone’s Throw Away for a weekend romantic getaway

17thcentury cobblestone roads adorned with beautiful French stone architecture, street side cafes and terraces, carriage rides and late night dinner cruises is what you will find as you step from your hotel room onto the streets of this weekend romantic getaway. If you arrive here during the summertime, you will mostly likely be greeted with […]