Romance & Adventure ~ Sipadan Water Village Resort

Sipadan Water Village is a resort beautifully constructed with Bajau architectural design. The entire resort is built over water on stilts made of Belian Wood commonly called ironwood, laid in certain points so as to minimize damage to the existing reef. In its design, Sipadan Water Village has achieved near utopia in its over-the-water layout, […]

Sail on the Lammer Law

If you like adventure, nature, scuba-diving, sun, or just relaxing on the deck, the Lammer Law is a perfect choice. The fully air-conditioned, 16-passenger Lammer Law is a Trimaran. This large motorsailer is stable in the water, spacious and very comfortable. Cabins have two lower berths or one double berth. Each cabin has private washroom […]

Hot Air Balooning in Colorado

  Colorado offers a unique experience when it comes to hot air ballooning. The high altitude, clear air and mountain vistas offer ballooners an unmatched experience on their Colorado vacations. One popular location or thermal ballooning is the South Park Valley. No not because of the famous TV show, but because of the glorious views. […]