How I Planned My Surprise Picnic For Two

My guy’s birthday was coming up soon and I’d been dreaming of a romantic picnic with him. He is very tough to coax to come along on a picnic due to the fact that he enjoys active day trips. It was not easy for me to think of what would work, so I made a […]

Montreal’s Laurentian Region is a nature lover’s romantic paradise

If nature’s sheer elegance and tranquillity is what you are looking for, a Laurentian Mountain romantic getaway weekend may be just the ticket. A straight two hour drive from the hustle and bustle of the huge metropolis, the Argenteuil and Outaouais areas of Montreal are packed with clusters of tiny villages and towns spread over […]

Romance, coffee and intrigue is in the air in Puerto Rico

When it comes to beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and romance, the Islands of Puerto Rico have plenty of romance and intrigue to offer.  Divided into five regions, the entire countryside is a mere 3 hour drive from coast to coast. Clear blue skies, golden sandy beaches, lagoons, lakes, caves and forests are only some of […]

Enjoy Nature ~ Cycle Tuscany & Enjoy the Wine

Tuscany is one place that most people who are cycling in Italy want to visit. Tuscany is located between Rome and Milan and is bordered by the Apennines Mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Tuscany is home to many different famous vineyards and if you are a wine lover, then you are sure to want to […]

Best Romantic Getaways With Nature

For couples living in the city, there is nothing more romantic than getting away from the noise, crowds and concrete of the metropolitan areas to bond with nature.  Whether it is the charming countryside, tropical forest, snowcapped mountains or a beautiful natural landscapes; nature can be a great aphrodisiac.  There are hundreds of options for […]