10 Great Places to Honeymoon in Europe


By Nathalie Aucutt

SantoriniAs a long-time favorite among honeymooning couples, Europe is a continent bursting with vibrant history, top-class attractions, and breathtaking scenery. Home to the world’s best food, wine, and service, Europe is overflowing with dream honeymoon destinations. The following are 10 great places to honeymoon in Europe.

Highlands, Scotland

Want to get away from it all on your honeymoon? Host to craggy mountains and heather-covered hillsides, the Highlands’ unique landscape is a tranquil retreat where you and your partner can get back to nature and drink in total relaxation.

Head to the remote lodge Skiary for complete seclusion; only reachable by boat or foot, it offers newlyweds an idyllic sanctuary without electricity or phone signal.

Rent a VW Campervan for a fantastic and fun way to get around the Highlands, allowing you to take advantage of “wild camping” and the majestic scenery.

Nature lovers can spend a magical morning at the Black Isle to watch the dolphins playing in the sea. Spend cozy evenings in atmospheric pubs then let a night under the stars capture your imagination on this wild, rugged, and absolutely breathtaking honeymoon.

Paris, France

As you would expect from the city synonymous with romance, Paris is a heady mix of stunning architecture, world-class dining, and inspiring culture that will truly sweep you off your feet. Even its language is romantic!  After taking a walk through the pretty, tree-lined streets, order coffees and croissants at a street-side café on the famous Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Indulge in Paris’ famous haute cuisine at Restaurant David Toutain on the Left Bank where you can enjoy an exquisite tasting menu. Of course, no honeymoon in Paris would be complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower. Once at the top, you can take in the views of this European gem and see where you’ll be heading next. To round off your visit in style, enjoy a romantic, champagne-filled dinner cruise on the River Seine–the best way to enjoy the City of Lights.

Venice, Italy

Beautifully painted buildings, incredible food and a magical atmosphere await you in the world famous floating city of Venice. Made up of 118 islands connected by tiny bridges and canals, Venice is the gleaming jewel of Europe and an enchanting honeymoon destination in its Mediterranean lagoon. Throw away your tourist map and enjoy getting lost in Venice’s narrow streets or jump on a water taxi to explore another island, like Murano, home to Venice’s colorful glass. Of course, the most romantic way to experience Venice is on a gondola ride, where you’ll glide through its canals in style. With music filling the air and often the option of food and drink on board, it’s a truly glamorous experience that epitomizes this captivating city.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

If you weren’t lucky enough to tie the knot in the Gothic Assumption of Mary church, which sits serenely in the center of Lake Bled, then perhaps you could enjoy the lake on your honeymoon. Lake Bled is set in tranquil northwestern Slovenia, and for years, it’s maintained its status as one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Set beneath the Julian Alps where you can enjoy breathtaking hikes in pristine surroundings, Lake Bled is a perfect honeymoon destination, focusing on the beauty of nature, enhanced by magnificent architecture. Climb up to Bled castle, which is perched on top of a steep hill and dates back to the 11th century, to get a great view of the whole area, then take a boat trip for an afternoon of relaxation.

The Romantic Road, Germany

If you like road trips, this alternative honeymoon could be perfect for you. Linking Würzburg in southern Germany with Füssen near the Austrian border, this old medieval trade route winds its way through picturesque towns and pristine countryside, giving you plenty of opportunities to stop off at ancient churches and majestic castles along the way. Usually travelled north to south, this trip is like something out of a fairytale. The quintessentially German architecture and landscape are stunning, and the history of these beautifully preserved places is unmatched. If you’re looking for incredible scenery and old-fashioned romance, look no further!

Reykjavik, Iceland

Forget relaxing on a beach and drinking cocktails; a honeymoon in Iceland is way off the beaten path. For an extraordinary couples retreat, make your way to Reykjavik, the most northerly capital city in the world. Shrouded in a totally unique culture, Iceland is always intriguing, and its capital is one of Europe’s most unusual cities.

Perfect for couples that have enjoyed a winter wedding, Reykjavik is one of the few places in the world where you can catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis. This incredible natural phenomenon, also known as the Northern Lights, can be seen above this beautiful city from September to March, giving you an unforgettable and completely out-of-this-world honeymoon experience.

Santorini, Greece

This volcanic Greek island is a haven for honeymooners who want to enjoy the best service in front of some of Europe’s best views. The dramatic scenery, dominated by a volcano, makes for an amazing setting for romantic evenings wandering the tiny streets of pretty Oia. Enjoy fresh seafood overlooking the turquoise Aegean Sea after an afternoon of wine tasting at one of Santorini’s vineyards. You’re sure to feel the romance on stunning Santorini–there is even a beach the color of love, so don’t miss your chance to spend a morning on the red sand! Afterwards, you can catch a boat to the volcanic hot springs and enjoy a rejuvenating mud bath together. For total privacy on your honeymoon, check into one of the cave hotels in which rooms are built into the side of the cliff, facing out to sea, offering uninterrupted views.

Rhodes, Greece

If you’re after sun, sea, and sand, Rhodes will not disappoint. This fun island has some of the most inspiring scenery in Europe, and since it’s blessed with 300 days of sunshine every year, it makes for a hot and memorable honeymoon. There is an air of complete relaxation here, making this island a dream honeymoon destination; the pace is slow and the weather is simply amazing. As Rhodes has such a vibrant history, there is plenty to keep you both occupied. Rent a car to explore the secluded coves and villages around this pretty island or take a trip to ancient Lindos, where donkeys still amble along the cobbled streets. For unrivaled service and style, stay at the Aqua Grande Hotel, where you can enjoy the finest Greek cuisine as well as sea views from the divine pool.

Fjords, Norway

Start your new life together with an adventurous honeymoon in the Norwegian Fjords. These dramatic, steep-sided inlets in Scandinavian Europe are stunning natural wonders. One of the most enthralling ways to experience them is by taking a cruise during which you can enjoy panoramic views of the Fjords and, of course, top-class service. When you’re not exploring the Fjords’ capital, Bergen, with its beautifully preserved historic houses and cable cars with stunning views, you’ll be sailing through Europe’s most pristine landscapes with majestic mountains, large expanses of calming water, and fairytale towns that cling to the edge of the shores. What could be more romantic than discovering this untouched wilderness on the edge of the Arctic together?

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Perched on the edge of the Dalmatian Coast, it’s easy to fall in love with Dubrovnik. One of Europe’s most attractive and welcoming cities, it makes for a dream-like honeymoon where you and your loved one can enjoy a peaceful break away from the crowds, soaking up everything this fascinating city has to offer. Take a walk up onto the city walls and catch your breath together while taking in the views of the sea. As this ancient city is on the water, there is no shortage of beaches to lounge on, and there are even water taxis to whisk you over to Lokrum Island, where you can enjoy stunning views of Croatia’s coastline. Back within the city walls, wander hand-in-hand through the maze of streets past the historical buildings and enjoy the street music and magical atmosphere around Onofrio’s Fountains.
Nathalie Aucutt is a published writer and travel lover who ditched office life in the UK and now writes wherever the wind takes her. After travelling extensively through Latin America in 2014, she is looking forward to another year of creating stories from her spontaneous adventures. Stay up to date by visiting onceuponaverse.com or find her on Twitter @onceupontweets





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