Are traditional weddings a thing of the past?

Recent trends seem to suggest that weddings may be moving farther and farther away from traditional style with each passing day.  This very fact is reflected in the choice of wedding cakes that seem to be popping up all over the Internet. Lavender and Ivory Wedding Cupcakes Romanctic Getaway travel

Wedding cakes traditionally were white pillar cakes adorned with lace and roses made from baker’s icing. Resting atop the cake was  a plastic bride and groom or champagne glass that was kept by the couple as a memento.

Today’s wedding cakes are anything but ordinary or traditional. They are colorful, bold and adorned with intricate detail that makes the cake unique to each couple. It is sometimes hard to imagine cutting through these beautiful designs.

In the past, a wedding cake was usually made out of thick fruit cake and was given as a party favor or thank you gift rather than as a dessert,the fruit cake was not really edible. The couple usually had to have two cakes; one for eating and one for giving.  This is no longer the case.  A wedding cake is now used as the main focal point in the entire decoration theme. Current wedding cakes are more practical and cost effective because they are edible and can be made with a variety of different flavours.

Cake decorating has become a popular hobby, profitable on line business and new form of art. It involves not only cakes but cupcakes and cookie decorating as well.  In fact, some people literally make cakes from cupcakes.

Your wedding cake can literally tell your guests a lot about your relationship and also reflects your individual personality from the color to the overall design that you choose.

Cakes are only one example of how the entire wedding process seems to have shifted.  Invitations are becoming more personal and romantic honeymoons can be anything from all inclusive exotic cruises, to adventure safaris in Africa.

While traditional is still a great option for a wedding, it is no longer the only option available.

Would you consider any of these cakes for your wedding design?

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