France – The Unsurpassed Honeymoon Destination

    By Catherine Tressa


The Kiss's Beginning


One of the most memorable holidays in the life of couples is their honeymoon. Many newly wedded pairs choose France for their honeymoon because France is unsurpassed as a honeymoon destination.   The country offers a variety of options that the newlyweds can choose from.  Some of the most romantic places in France that are ideal for honeymooners are:



For couples who visit France for the very first time, Paris is a popular choice. This city has a wonderful charm that attracts and appeals to romantics all throughout the year. The well-known French icon, The Eiffel Tower is a wonderful must-visit spot. The, 58 Tower Eiffel, is a restaurant right on top of the tower where you can dine in the heart of Parisian nightlife. Another famous spot admired by many is the Notre Dame Cathedral. Some other romantic activities that can be done in this city of love are boat cruise on Seine River to enjoy a scintillating view or visit the Louvre Museum where Mona Lisa’s famous painting is on display etc.


Brittany is located on the north western part of France. It has the awesome English Channel on the northern side and the amazing Bay of Biscay on the southern side. Brittany is province in France that has an excellent coastline, breathtakingly wonderful beaches and rich and varied historical architecture.

St. Paul de Vence

St. Paul de Vence is a fortified village which is one of the oldest and most illustrious in France. It has many sidewalk cafes, boutiques and art galleries. If one takes a walk through its meandering roads, vine covered stone walls, elegant fountains and statues tucked in the nooks of the walls can be seen. In fact, it is said that this charming village has given birth to too many writers and authors due to its exuberating beauty.

French Riviera

The French Riviera is famous due to its mild weather, beautiful light and couples can have access to mountains as well as beaches at the same time. The French Riviera has been a honeymoon spot for many well-known celebrities as well. With passing time, the area has developed fantastic luxury beaches, mansions, perfumeries, yachts and casinos. The people of France call this luxurious rich coastline, the Cote d’Azur; where one can find a series of terrain and unparalleled vistas of the French Alps and the Mediterranean shoreline.


Located in the southern part of France, Nice offers an inspirational beauty to its visitors. It has beautiful beaches with crescent shaped pebbles, excellent boutique hotels, modern boutiques with the latest French fashion.  Castle Hill is considered to be the most famous destination at Nice. It has 100 stairs, upon climbing which one can get a breathtaking view of the sea and the village. Old Town is yet another sightseeing spot located in Nice.

France is offers delicious food outlets, amazing shopping centers and an awesome nightlife. In order to enjoy the exhilarating views of these lovely locations, France is a must visit. To enter France, one needs to have an approved ESTA. This basically means that it is a mandate for all travelling passengers under a visa waiver program. All passengers are screened and they have to fill I-94W form before boarding a flight or travelling by sea.


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