Romance in the Caribbean ~ What are your options?

If your idea of a perfect romantic getaway is sipping a glass of wine on a secluded white sand beach with tropical palms swaying gently in the background and looking out at lush green forests or crystal clear waters in shades of turquoise and aquamarine, then the Caribbean Islands would be your dream destination. There are over a thousand islands to choose from in the Caribbean archipelago. Some offer secluded beaches with a dash of charming colonial heritage, history, culture and nightlife. Add to this the year round warm weather and the wonderful Caribbean cuisine and its easy understand why these islands are so popular with couples.


Jamaica = Romance

With the heritage of the aborigines who were the original residents of the islands and influences of the British and Spanish settlers and African slaves, Jamaica is a colorful potpourri of cultures with a unique identity compared to other Caribbean Islands. The beaches of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios close to the capital city Kingston are well known throughout the world. There are several couples’ resorts in the area with their own private beaches that offer seclusion combined with the option of socializing and partying nearby.

Dutch Antilles

Diving in Bonaire

Five Caribbean islands belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands are collectively referred to as the Dutch Antilles. Curacao and Bonaire are grouped together in the south close to the coast of Venezuela while the other group comprising Saba, St. Maarten and St. Eustatius are 800 miles to the north, east of Puerto Rico. Curacao is the largest island in the group with over thirty exotic white sand beaches bordered by blue waters. Bonaire is popular for its well preserved marine ecology, scuba diving, snorkeling and nightlife. St. Eustatius is also a popular scuba diving spot because of its volcanic origins.

French Caribbean

Relax in Paradise

Islands of St. Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Barthelemy and St. Martin, among several others that are part of the Overseas French Department have a distinct French atmosphere in the towns and villages, but as you go further into the islands you will see some of the best examples of the natural beauty in the Caribbean with emerald forests, waterfalls and stunning cliffs along the coastline that provide a dramatic setting. There are several exotic beaches to choose from, each one different from the other. In general the beaches on the Caribbean side are calmer and great for snorkeling, while the Atlantic side with rougher waters is good for surfing.

Puerto Rico

Coast of Puerto Rico

Part of the group of islands referred to as the Greater Antilles, Puerto Rico is part of the Commonwealth of the United States but has a distinct Spanish flavor. The Puerto Rican beaches are often rated the most exotic in the world. San Juan, the capital, presents the charm of living in a city with easy access to beautiful beaches. Isla Verde near the international airport has a strip of beaches with blue waters and a wide choice of accommodation from guest houses to rental apartments and luxury hotels. The beaches along Porta Del Sol on the west coast near Rincon are often compared with Hawaii for their natural beauty.

There are plenty of options while planning your dream romantic getaway to the Caribbean. Look at a destination that has several exotic beaches that are easily accessible and take into account activities and interests before deciding which island would work best for you.

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