Come Join us for Adventure in Jamaica

Jamaica has endless opportunities for romantic activities, but we have outlined some of the ones for more adventurous and daring couples.  Take a look at these scenic activities that will be sure to get you and your loved one’s heart pumping.  Come join us for adventure in Jamaica.

One of the most romantic activities you can find in Jamaica is a tour along the Montego Bay.  Rafting along this beautiful river is a must-see in when you visit.  Not only will your guide be sure to point out many of the important monuments along the way, they will be sure to stop along the river at some of the souvenir shops, bars and pools that you will see.


blue mountains Another fun and exciting outdoor activity to take your loved one on is a bicycle ride through the Blue Mountains.  While on this tour you will experience an elaborate brunch overlooking the amazing view of the mountains, all of the historic sights to be seen from the mountains and many of Jamaica’s natural plants and herbs.  This is certainly one of the most daring, yet visually appealing activities you can partake in when you visit.

Last but not least one of the most famous places to visit in Jamaica is Rick’s Cafe.  You can dine and relax at one of the most scenic and romantic views along Negril, where you will see some of the most spectacular sunsets in your life.  At Rick’s you will also have the opportunity to cliff jump off of some of the cliffs and trees you will be dining at.  If you are not a fan of heights, you can still partake in this activity by attending the cliff jumping show put on by professional cliff jumpers.

Jamaica is without a doubt a necessary destination for those risk-taking couples out there.  So start planning your trip to Jamaica where you will definitely need to pack your gym shoes and an extra swimsuit.

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