Montreal’s Laurentian Region is a nature lover’s romantic paradise


If nature’s sheer elegance and tranquillity is what you are looking for, a Laurentian Mountain romantic getaway weekend may be just the ticket.

A straight two hour drive from the hustle and bustle of the huge metropolis, the Argenteuil and Outaouais areas of Montreal are packed with clusters of tiny villages and towns spread over the entire mountainous region. A short peaceful drive through one of the most beautiful forested ecosystems on the planet offers many different cultural experiences. Whether its’ fine dining, great wine, sports or entertainment that you seek, a weekend getaway in the Laurentian region is a nature lover’s romantic paradise.

While each town and village offer its’ own unique specialities, the mountains themselves offer just the right blend of romance and rustic ambiance. The locals boast that this entire area has one thing in common; a touch of what the French refer to as ” je ne sais quoi!” Which translated means, it has something about it, you just cannot explain exactly what it is. I suppose in some way, that is why they say you must experience the magic of nature for yourself.

Planning a weekend getaway is a snap, if you choose to stay in one of these quaint villages, you will no doubt realize why they are famous worldwide. The town of Montebello and ski resort Mont Tremblant are synonymous with some of the most luxurious and romantic accommodations in all of Quebec. Montebello houses the famous Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello hotel of the rich and famous; while Mont Tremblant boasts a series of luxurious condos, suites, log cabins and rustic chalets.

As you arrive at the entrance to the magnificent Fairmount le Chateau Montebello, you are greeted by massive iron gates adorned with hundred year old maples. This huge gate opens to an incredibly long narrow passageway that literally hides the hotel in the backdrop providing privacy and an ambiance of romance and sheer luxury. In fact, this hotel is so well hidden and unassuming, if you did not know the hotel existed, it is quite possible that you would drive right by it. I suppose in some way, that is what is truly unique about this place. It is the proverbial hidden gem on the Laurentian mountainside.

Romance Travel magazine-tremblant Mont Tremblant is a ski resort village that is located in the town of Ste. Jovite. It is famous not only for its skiing, but for its rustic accommodations and variety of activities. The pedestrian village itself is so spectacular one can only describe it as something that you might see in a Hollywood film. There is so much to see and do in the pedestrian village, you may spend the entire time simply walking around and you will still enjoy yourself. Cabins and chalets adorn the mountainside and provide some of the most romantic spots in all of the region, most are equipped with Jacuzzi baths and fireplaces.

Mont Tremblant comes alive in the winter months offering skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing. In the summer, you can enjoy days spent at the Spa Scandinavia or try your luck at the casino on the top of the mountain.

Whatever your choice for a romantic getaway, you can rest assured a romantic getaway in the Laurentian mountain region of Montreal is a must do on any nature lover’s bucket list.

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