Romantic Ways to Experience Italy

It’s well-known that Italy is one of the most romantic destinations you can visit. There are so many incredible locations, from Venice to the Amalfi coast. And each place offers fun and relaxing things to do that can help you become closer to your partner. You could explore the country through food, history, arts and culture, and much more. There are many romantic ways to experience Italy. Wherever you choose to go, you can find some beautiful scenery to act as the backdrop to your romantic trip. If you’re thinking about enjoying a journey to Italy, try some of these activities for an intimate experience.

Venice Panorama_HeinerAdams

                                                                                      Venice panorama    Photo courtesy of Heiner Adams/Flickr

Cooking Lessons

For many people, visiting Italy is all about the food. You might have thought you had great food last time you were in an Italian restaurant. Experiencing the cuisine in its home country is even better. You could spend your time having candle-lit dinners. But there are other ways to get to know Italy’s food. Emilia Delizia offers cooking lessons in Bologna, where you could learn how to make fresh pasta. If you love cooking together at home, you’ll enjoy doing it in a new setting too. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn something new together. And you can spend the day doing a fun activity that’s a little bit different.


Some destinations are iconic for their romance, and Venice is one of them. However, everybody knows it, and so it can be extremely busy, especially in the summer. If you want a quieter experience, Venice in the winter can be just as romantic as during the warmer months. If you wander away from the tourist areas, you can have fun getting lost down the many narrow streets. Don’t rule out Venice just because it receives a high number of visitors. Stay away from the tourist traps and you can enjoy this romantic city in your own way.

Wine Tour

Of course, Italy is also famous for its wine. If you’re a wine-loving couple, you’ll be positively gleeful when you arrive in Italy. Taking a wine tour is the perfect way to spend some valuable time together and indulge in your passion. It could be a short few hours, or you could take a road trip through one of the country’s wine regions. You get to taste some fantastic wines and see vineyards in operation. And you’ll also discover some incredible scenery along the way too.


Italy is brimming with history, and there’s little more romantic than exploring some of the country’s historic sites. Rome and Florence, in particular, are excellent destinations for getting to know Italy’s history. You could stroll hand in hand through the streets to admire the architecture, visit some of the most famous landmarks or enjoy a guided tour. Some people might not enjoy it, but others won’t be able to help getting misty-eyed.

You’ll find so much to discover in Italy, and much of it can help to bring you closer together as a couple. Of course, just spending the time together will give you space to reconnect.

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