Enjoy Nature ~ Cycle Tuscany & Enjoy the Wine

Cycling through Tuscany

Tuscany is one place that most people who are cycling in Italy want to visit. Tuscany is located between Rome and Milan and is bordered by the Apennines Mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Tuscany is home to many different famous vineyards and if you are a wine lover, then you are sure to want to visit this beautiful city on your cycling in Italy trip. From the time of the Medici’s, the art of winemaking has been going strong in the beautiful city and you will get to see it firsthand while cycling in Italy. The sun loving hills of Tuscany have helped to make the grapes into what is known as Lambrusco and Sangiovese.

There are many other wines that Tuscany is known for as well, including the ever popular Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti, and some beautiful white wines. Some of the more popular white wines come from Val di Nievole, Elba Island, Bolgheri, and Vermentino.

Four of the top rated DOCG classified zones are located in Tuscany. At one local wine shop in Tuscany, they have found that the number of labeled wines has gone from 1,000 just a couple of years ago to over 5,000 now. This is why Italy is becoming more and more popular for their different wines.

Produced by vineyards that range from the Castello di Fonterutoli owned by the same family since 1435 to ones founded only a few years ago, Tuscan wines are experiencing an all-time high in quality and popularity.

While cycling in Italy, you will find that wine quality is very important to these wineries. At Rocca delle Maccie, they use many of the older methods of wine making, including fertilizing with organic materials, using oak barrels for aging, and hand harvesting the grapes. This winery produces one of the most popular and best selling Italian wines.

You can find all different kinds of wines produced in Tuscany. From the fruity wines to Chiantis to Tuscan reds, you can find any kind of wine that you like in Tuscany. World class wines are a great thing for you to try out on your cycling in Italy trip.

With the increased popularity of some of the more internationally styled red wines, the wines known as ‘super Tuscans’ have also seen an increase in popularity. They are made from blend that is Bordeaux-styled, including the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Sangiovese, and a Merlot. These wines are labeled a ‘table wine’ but they offer consumers much more than that. Wine connoisseurs especially love the Brusco dei Barbi.

To compete with the red wines, Bolgheri Vermentino, a fruity white wine, has quickly gained popularity. This wine is the same quality as the Carbreo Chardonnay, a French white wine.

By: Alastair Hamilton is the author and editor of many Tuscany vacation articles.

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