3 Key Elements Of Wedding Planning You Shouldn’t Underestimate!

food-couple-sweet-married-COO_free_med Planning a wedding can be very difficult. There are many things you have to take into consideration, or it won’t be a success. I’ve written about three key elements of wedding planning you shouldn’t underestimate.

The Venue

The venue of your wedding is arguably the most important thing to plan. If you can find a good venue, in a good location, then you’re off to a positive start. You must start looking as early as possible before all the good venues are taken. Remember, you have to think about two different venues too. There’s the wedding ceremony and the reception. Now, it doesn’t matter if these two venues are in different places. Some people have their ceremony somewhere, then hire coaches to take everyone to a new location. In an ideal world, they will be right by each other, as it makes things easier. But, don’t settle for a bad reception venue just because it’s right by your ceremony venue. Your guests would rather travel if it meant they get to go to a better place.

The Invitations

If you think choosing wedding invitations are easy, you better think again! The process of choosing the right invitation is often long and stressful. Why? Because you need the best one possible to amaze your guests. People love it when they receive a cool and unique invitation in their mail. I see some people are trying to be quirky and opting for digital invitations. But, do you know what that is? It’s an email. You are just emailing your guests, it’s not gonna leave an impression on them. A wedding invitation needs to stand out and tell a story. It should give people the details they need, without being too formal. The design is very important and should be a bit unique. There are some places that offer templates for wedding invitations that couples can download. This is good if you want that extra layer of creativity, and make your invitations from scratch. A good invitation gets everyone excited and looking forward to your special day.

The Food

When planning your wedding, you must think about the reception. More to the point, you need to think about food. Food can make or break a wedding, it’s as simple as that. No matter how cute the ceremony was, if your guests hate the food, that’s all they’ll remember. My advice is to ensure you cater to everyone’s tastes. Give people a variety of options to choose from for their courses. This means they shouldn’t complain, as they’ve picked something they like. The worst thing to do is not give your guests a choice until they arrive. Send out the menu with your invitations and get people to choose. Worst case scenario, you get some replies requesting specific dishes. It’s a slight inconvenience, but, you can make them the food they want. At the end of the day, everyone is happy, and the food is a big success.

If you underestimate these three things, your wedding will be a nightmare! Make sure you plan everything as early as possible to avoid any mishaps. Also, don’t forget about all the other little details too. From the bouquet to the choice of table mats, everything is important!

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