Beyond Traditions – Getting Engaged Your Way

When you’ve been with your partner for a while, chances are there have been a few chats about your future together. Finding the one can feel exhilarating and wonderful. No doubt talks of marriage will crop up. But if you know you want to be together, one of the first steps you might take is  getting engaged. Gone are the days of a young man requesting a father’s permission to propose. Today, couples make plans for themselves. So it makes sense that the proposal and engagement are something you do jointly to.

There is nothing wrong with following the traditions of decades past. But more and more people look to more practical approaches. This doesn’t mean you can’t fill the occasion with romance. On the contrary, if you are both planning an event to celebrate, you can make it as romantic as you like. You might choose to host a dinner party. That way you can share the proposal with your family or friends.


If you have a favorite place that has become special to you as a couple, your proposal might take place there. And how you choose to propose to each other can be as unique as you like. Traditionally, the man would get down on one knee and present a diamond ring. Before diamonds were popular, other gemstones were offered, or even gold coins! Nowadays, you might choose a ring together. You might select from opal engagement rings or crystal set rings. Or you might choose something different altogether.

It doesn’t have to be jewelry. And it doesn’t have to be just for her. Engagement presents are becoming more popular, although many of them remain wearable. Traditionally, diamonds were selected as a symbol of something lasting forever. But even cars have been given as gifts. Find them that one thing they’ve always wanted.


As for the proposal words, you have more choice for inspiration than ever. ‘Will You Marry Me’ remains the most popular option. But you can compose an entire verse declaring your love if you like. Some proposals are borrowed from favorite song lyrics. And if you’re not planning to have a wedding, you can tailor the words to suit your relationship. You can still propose a permanent relationship without having to marry legally!


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