Bye Bye Boring! Planning A Fun & Unique Wedding Reception!

When it comes to planning your unique wedding reception, it’s important to plan something that’s fun and original. It can be traditional or non-traditional; it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you plan a wedding reception that is not only fun and different to the norm, but that is a good fit for your and your partner. To ensure that your wedding reception is remembered for all the right reasons and is enjoyed by everyone, here are some ideas to consider. (For ease, these have been grouped into entertainment, food and drink, and decor.)



For the entertainment, instead of having a traditional disco, what about looking into silent disco hire? The great thing about silent discos is that everyone is able to choose their own music, instead of having to listen to whatever’s on. You could have a dance floor filled with people of all ages, all dancing at once, all listening to the music of their choice.

Or, how about having karaoke at your wedding reception? It would haven’t to run all night, but for the first couple of hours, why not have a karaoke machine set up. Allow your guests to express themselves and have a laugh with a spot of karaoke. (If you’ve got kids coming along, karaoke is sure to be a big hit.)

Food and drink



Instead of opting for a traditional sit-down meal, choose a food option that’s a little more fun. How about opting to have destination food? This doesn’t only work well when the wedding is destination themed, it can work well at all weddings. Is there somewhere that you’ve got special memories of, such as Mexico, for instance? Then why not serve food from that destination? Tacos and burritos could work well, as could Greek gyros, a hog roast, or even sushi.

As for the drinks, consider having a mixologist on hand to make cocktails for you and your guests. Beforehand, pick a selection of cocktails that you would like them to serve, including one specially made for your wedding. You could even give each guest a small bottle of your wedding cocktail to take home as a wedding favour.



For the decor at your wedding, it’s important to take the color scheme and theme into account. Whatever theme you’ve chosen for your big day, don’t be afraid to get creative. If you want to make your reception venue feel personal to your wedding day, you need to think outside the box.

To get some ideas and inspiration, take the time to browse online. Sites like “Pinterest” and “We Heart It” are good for getting inspiration and ideas, so make sure to have a look at them. Don’t just copy the ideas you see, find ways to put your own unique twist on them.

To ensure that your wedding reception is anything but boring, take note of the tips and ideas above and implement them. And remember, no two wedding days should be the same. So the more unique your reception is, the better.

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