Fallen In Love While Abroad? Here’s How You Can Make It Work

Photo courtesy of Josh Willnk

Photo courtesy of Josh Willnk

Some of us are lucky to experience summer flings while we are away on holiday. But what happens when that fling turns into something much more serious? Falling in love with someone from abroad can be very exciting. You’ll be able to explore a new culture and spend time in an exciting country. However, it isn’t all plain sailing. Certain things, such as visas, may prevent you from spending as much time together as you’d like. You could even be prevented from moving abroad at first. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on your one true love. Here’s how you can make your new relationship work.


Visas can be very tricky to organize, depending on where you are from and the country to which you want to move. To start off with, you may be better off visiting your loved one on an extended tourist visa. Getting married is the quick way to getting a visa so you can move to your new life and start this thrilling relationship properly. But if you get married too quickly, it could raise suspicions and your visa could still be denied. So it is best to take things slow. Platinum Immigration Visa can help with the K1 fiance visa process if your new partner wants to move in with you in the States. It will give you time to think about your perfect wedding!


Language Barriers

Your new partner’s first language might not be English, which could cause some communication issues. Think about signing up to night school and learning your loved one’s native language. You could even find a course based in their home country. By signing up for one of these types of courses, it will give you some time to spend together, and you will have the chance to discover their culture. Language courses abroad usually sort out your visa for you, so you won’t even have to worry about that! If your partner is planning to move to your country, it could be worth signing them up for English classes. This way, they can easily assimilate into your culture.

Culture Shock
The two of you might have different beliefs and values. This can cause some arguments when it comes to big decisions, such as marriage and childcare. If your partner comes from a very religious background, you may be expected to take up this new religion. Would you be happy converting to their religion? If not, then you may be forced to rethink your whole relationship. Cultural differences won’t just affect major life decisions. They could affect your everyday life. For example, if your partner only eats halal meat, then you might have to make significant dietary changes.

Being in a relationship with a foreign national can be a very rewarding and enriching experience. However, it can also come with slightly more pressures than a regular relationship would bring. So make sure you are both willing to compromise and work hard to make things work for you both.

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