How To Make Your Next Trip As Romantic As Possible

If you’re going on a trip with your other half, you might want to make this trip as romantic as possible. Whether you struggle to find time to spend alone, or you are planning a romantic proposal, making your trip more romantic will ensure it’s extra special! Here are some tips you can use:

Go Somewhere Less Touristy

Although you can make just about anywhere romantic if you really want to, going somewhere less flooded with tourists will make your trip feel far more romantic. You don’t want to have to spend your trip battling through crowds, dodging other travellers and ‘trying’ to have a good time. You want to feel as chilled and relaxed as possible. Try going somewhere less known, and it’ll feel like you’re the first couple ever to make this discovery! What could be more romantic than that?

Photo courtesy of Merlijn Hoek, Flickr

Photo courtesy of Merlijn Hoek, Flickr

Consider Self Catering

Self catering on your trip will mean you can buy fresh, local produce and spend time cooking it yourselves. Couples can have lots of fun on a self catering holiday! That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on an all inclusive. It just depends on your preferences and how you picture your time together. If self catering sounds good to you, consider a stay in vacation rentals. You’ll likely get more privacy too!

Research Where To Stay

Do your research on where to stay. You want somewhere that goes the extra mile for it’s customers. Different hotels will have different policies too. One might be overrun with kids, while another might be full of couples like you. Some will be quiet, while others will be quite lively.


Couple at Art Market in Rome. Photo courtesy of The Hamster Factor, Flickr

Get A Surprise For Your Partner

Start off the trip as you mean to go on and get a surprise for your partner. Why not pack something new to wear for them, or even a good book they can get stuck into? It doesn’t have to be an engagement ring, or something ridiculously expensive!

Make An Effort

Make an effort to look your best on this trip. Have a salon treatment, plan some nice outfits. Really make an effort to look and feel your best and your partner will appreciate it. Hopefully, they’ll do the same!

Don’t Stress Out

Stressing out about things that could go wrong won’t help anything. It’s pointless! Keep your stress levels under control and aim to go with the flow. You and your other half will always have the best time this way! Practice deep breathing when you’re starting to feel stressed. If you can’t change anything, there’s no point worrying. When you’re with the person you love, getting stuck in traffic or a que shouldn’t be much of a problem anyway.

I hope these tips help you to have the most romantic trip imaginable. You should leave feeling more in love than ever! If you don’t and you’re sick of the sight of each other, it might be time to do some soul searching about what’s best for you both. Just a thought…good luck!

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