Plan The Ultimate Honeymoon With These Expert Tips

Many couples find that planning their honeymoon is their favorite part of the wedding planning process. It gives them something to look forward to beyond their big day. While also providing them with an excuse to relax and unwind after months of stressful planning. But the pressure to make this the trip of a lifetime can make organising a honeymoon harder than it needs to be. So stop making it complicated by following these expert tips to plan the ultimate honeymoon.


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Get Inspired

There is nothing wrong with re-visiting somewhere you’ve visited before. But this is the perfect opportunity to go somewhere new. Spend an afternoon looking online and in magazines for travel inspiration and destination ideas. You might prefer ski slopes to sandy beaches. Or somewhere bustling rather than remote. Write down a list of places you’ve both always wanted to visit and research when the is best time to visit. You should also go to travel and accommodation sites to estimate cost to see if the potential destinations fits in your budget.


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Find A Balance

While you will want some relaxation time, there will also be moments when you want to be active and try out different experiences. Finding a balance between the two is what will make this trip unlike any other. Once you’ve whittled it down to one or two honeymoon destinations, check to see what activities are offered. There might be watersports, sightseeing tours or spa retreats you could visit. Or you might discover that more activities interest you than your partner. While compromise is crucial, make sure there is something  available at the destinations that you are both interested in participating. This will guarantee that you both enjoy every second.


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Think Outside The Box

Now you have chosen the ideal destination; you need to find somewhere to stay. Hotels and resorts continue to be a popular choice for newlyweds. But as more unique options become available, hotels are facing tough competition. From home rentals to tree houses, you can find some incredible places to stay. This will, of course, depend on the location, but try to think outside the box. You could spend a couple of nights sleeping under the stars in a glam tent on a beach. Or spend your honeymoon in a log cabin in the mountains. While you may find a hotel is the best option for you, you may also discover somewhere to stay that is even better.


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Be Smart

Whether you want to stay in a yurt or a luxury apartment, always make sure there is a safe in your accommodation before you book. You will undoubtedly want to show off your new wedding rings while you’re on honeymoon. But depending on which activities you choose to take part in, this could increase the chances of your rings getting lost. Take ring boxes with you and keep them inside the safe. You should also factor in the cost of insurance cover for your rings to protect them further.

Don’t forget to let the check-in staff and the staff at your accommodation know that it is your honeymoon. You may find that you are entitled to some courtesies and perks that could enhance your trip even further.

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  1. My fiance and I want to go somewhere we’ve never been before so we chose to go to the St. John Virgin Islands for our honeymoon. We’ve rented a one bedroom suite for a week. I’m excited to relax by the beach and explore the St. John Virgin Islands with my fiance! Thanks for the tips.

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