Stress-Free Ways for Couples to Travel in Cape Town

Your annual vacation is probably the thing you look forward to the most every year. It is the one chance that couples who travel have to escape the daily routine and search out adventure; to explore new horizons and experience new cultures. Unfortunately, it can be a very stressful experience! The first hurdle is picking the right destination; after all, if you only get one vacation a year you will want it to be truly amazing. One place which definitely captures the imagination and has something to offer everyone is Cape Town. There are many reasons why this is the perfect place for your next vacation:


Table Mountain – Photo courtesy of Flickr_Jean-Boris-h

  • The location – the city is nestled at the foot of Table Mountain and has a vibrant atmosphere and every amenity you could desire. It is also surrounded by beaches, gardens and mountains. The views are fantastic; whether from the top of Table Mountain or sat on the white sandy beaches.
  • The wildlife – Cape Town is a good starting point for safari’s to see the big five. Or travel up the coast and see the giant turtles or penguins on the beach.
  • Eating Out – Cape Town is well known for its chilled, friendly vibe. It has an abundance of eateries and bars; there is something to suit everyone.

Having picked the destination you will need to deal with the stresses of packing and getting ready to go on vacation. Fortunately the weather in Cape Town is predictable; it is hot and sunny in the summer (October to March) and wet, but still warm in the winter (April to September). This will help with knowing what to pack.


Cape Town beach, Photo courtesy of Flickr_Ser_is_Snarkish

Getting around

As with any new destination it can be daunting to find your way around a new city.  Fortunately, Cape Town is easy to navigate and possible to do on a budget. Rent a car and turn on your GPS to explore the city’s finest attractions. Among some of the best, we should mention Constantia Valley, Camps Bay, Bikini Beach, Air Force Museum and numerous others.


The most obvious choice from the airport is to book a transfer before you arrive in Cape Town. This will ensure you are whisked straight to your hotel without being harassed by taxi drivers. It will also provide you with the opportunity to find your feet.

The city

Moving around the city can be stress free and is surprisingly cheap; there are several options:

  • Walk – it is possible to walk to your destination; provided you know where you are going and have the time. The city is large and you do not want to waste time simply walking around in circles. Walking does provide the opportunity to see the people of Cape Town going about their daily activities.
  • The Bus – Public transport in Cape Town is excellent; there are plenty of buses covering the city and even some tours which can be taken from the city center to other, local attractions. It is easy to jump on and off the bus whenever you need to.
  • Taxis – These can be essential for getting you to the right location on time. Fares are generally reasonably and the drivers have a wealth of information which may help you to find attractions that others never see.
  • Cable Car – The cable car takes you almost to the top of Table Mountain and is an experience in itself. As you climb towards the mountain the city sprawls underneath you, clinging to the mountains and the soft white sandy beaches.
  • Car Hire – It is possible to hire a car for all or some of your vacation. However, this is not a practical way to get around this bustling city. Hire cars are relatively cheap and an excellent option if you intend to travel along the coast or visit places outside of Cape Town.

Cape Town, Photo courtesy of Flickr_brainstorm1984

Getting around Cape Town can be done with very little stress; simply decide beforehand which option or options suits your needs the best. There are plenty of activities for couples who travel in Cape Town; whether you’d like to explore the vineyards and enjoy some fine wine tasting, or you’d rather engage in a trekking adventure, there’s no doubt that you’ll find it all here. At the end of the day, choose among the wide variety of Cape Town villas and have the time of your life in South Africa.

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