Weddings – Overcome Your Fears Of The Wedding Faux Pas

Your wedding day may be the first day you have ever been the star attraction of a big event. Not everybody is comfortable having so many eyes staring at them. It can feel like there is a lot of pressure to make sure everything goes right. You want to meet the expectations of all the guests. But your wedding day is about more than just putting on a good show. It’s about marrying the one you love and letting everyone know just how much you care.

Of course, getting the day into perspective isn’t the only way you can help yourself overcome the fear of making a mistake. There are simply too many opportunities for it to happen. And most of us haven’t done any of these wedding things before. Preparation and rehearsal really can help settle your nerves. Have a look at for ideas. If you’re worried about embarrassing blunders, or wedding faux pas, practice some of these ideas until they’re natural. It helps the fear disappear.

Wedding heels are notorious for tripping us up. They are too tall, too tight, or too easily caught up in a long dress. Guess what. Nobody can see your shoes under a long wedding dress. Don’t be afraid to wear something less glam but more comfortable. And if the dress is unwieldy, select a style you feel more natural wearing. The smile on your face is the first things your guests will see, so make sure your outfit keeps you happy.

The vows don’t have to be memorized! Don’t be afraid to read from a prompt. You can always print it out on elegant paper or card, so it complements your theme. And if you’re terrified of public speaking, practice in front of trusted friends. Don’t forget, you’re reading your vows to your partner. You won’t even see the guests. Redness from flushing can rarely be seen under bridal makeup, so don’t panic if you feel that glow. Most importantly, mark up in your vows where you can take a good, calming breath!


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The first dance puts panic into men and women at weddings. Remember, your guests are probably dreading the thought of having to dance with their partners too. One of the best ways to overcome the fear of the dance floor is to take lessons. Have a look at websites like to get an idea about the styles you could learn. And if you have an idea what music you would like, that might help you decide the dance too.

One of the most uncomfortable faux pas common at weddings is drinking too much. Sure, we all want to celebrate. And we could do with that little bit of extra courage. But it’s a long day, starting early and finishing late. Don’t make the mistake of missing out on water. Summer weddings can exacerbate the problem with the extra heat too. It’s difficult to lose track, so try to have a glass of water with each toast.

Weddings are often really happy and excited events, but that doesn’t stop the bride getting nervous. Relax, have fun, and forget about what might go wrong. Congratulations.


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