3 Romantic Holiday Activities


For a getaway to be truly romantic, it’s important to spend some time making memories together. It may be our first instinct to just relax alone, eat, and catch up on sleep. If we have family commitments or a stressful job this is particularly common! It is normal and there will be time for that too. However, for romance to blossom, we need to really interact with our loved one. We can have been with someone for many years but everyone changes over time. It can be great to spend your trip getting to know one another again. Read on for three romantic holiday activities to make your romantic adventure special.

A Picnic

For many, one of the great pleasures of going away is the change in climate. Golden sun and sea breezes are popular and it is not difficult to see why! But the countryside has a lot to offer with rolling hillsides and gentle streams. City breaks can either be laid-back and leisurely or full of adventure. Wherever you are, a picnic can be a wonderful activity. You can make the most of beautiful new locations, and enjoy greater privacy than you would at a busy restaurant. Packing it together can be fun and nostalgic, or even just shopping for the items can be enjoyable. Don’t be put off if the weather isn’t wonderful or you’ve chosen a cooler climate. A cosy Winter-style picnic is so underrated! With hot coffee, sandwiches and plenty of snuggly blankets, there’s no better way to curl up together and wile away the hours.


A Private Tour

It is always fun and exciting to explore new places. Wandering cobbled streets or along sandy beaches can be the perfect time to talk. Taking a tour is a great option if you are somewhere completely new or if you feel there are a lot of specific sights you want to see. But wading through the crowds or trying to hear your guide above the others can kill a romantic atmosphere. Touriocity private tours have become popular because of the ways in which you can tailor them to suit your needs and preferences. You and your partner may have a specific hobby or interest that attracts you to a special area of your destination. You may feel like exploring entirely on your own is a bit overwhelming or you fear you’ll miss something. Whatever the reason, a personal tailor-made tour just for the two of you can be a great option.

Watch The Sunrise

For a romantic activity that won’t cost the earth or require any extra packing, watching the sunrise together. In the days before you want to do this, make a game of it by scouting for locations. Perhaps there is a beautiful cliff that overlooks the sea, or a cathedral that reflects the light. Maybe there is a great view from your own hotel room! Have the champagne chilled or the wine ready to go, and watch the stunning natural phenomenon together. It is a perfect and romantic way to reflect on your history together and all that is still to come.

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