3 of the most unique and romantic hotels on earth.

There are many romantic places to go and so many hotels to choose from that deciding on a hotel can be a daunting task, but if your used to luxury and can afford to spend a little extra, than these romantic hotels might just be the right pick  for you.  Chosen both for luxury and for their uniqueness, here are some of the most spectacular hotels in the world.

Cavas Wine Lodge ~ Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza Argentina is the premier wine region of the world, grapevines planted by the Spanish Conquistadors in 1554 has made wine the country’s leading export.

Cavas is a true testament to a wine lover’s dream vacation. With the beautiful blue glow of the Andes mountainside, you can enjoy a special blend of the finest wines in the world taken from the very foundation of the hotel.  In fact, the foundation of this hotel is the wine cellar.  Decorated with a touch of modernism meets old Spain, this hotel is both relaxing, friendly and romantic at the same time.

Burj al Arab ~ Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This hotel should have been named supernova for its far out futurist look.  This hotel is both super and “nouveaux” at the very same time.  This hotel can only be described as a post modern Arabian tower that stands miles above every other building in Dubai.  You can not miss it, in fact the same can be said about the interior, it is so colorful and unique, there is no chance that this hotel will every be forgotten once seen. This landmark hotel was created by Tom Wills-Wright and is said to be inspired by the Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower and Pyramids.  The hotel is set apart from the shore and you must drive across a platform bridge to arrive at your destination.  In the evening, the lights from the hotel can be seen from miles away.  It truly is one of the most luxurious and romantic hotels on the planet.

Amansara ~ Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Have you ever wondered what would happen to a centuries old building left in the wilderness? Amansara is a combination of rock meets tree. Rock is the foundation, tree is the design. The entrance to the Lodge was forged out of nature centuries ago when the monastery that it hosted was left abandoned. While the trees around the foundation grew, it began to engulf the monastery in a almost womb like fashion. Years of natural preservation created a doorway to a quiet sanctuary that is now Amansara. Somewhat eerie looking, it feels as if you have climbed into the storybook place of Alice in Wonderland. Once on the other side, the world is an entirely different place, it is bright warm and has a familiar Asian design. The peace and tranquillity of Amansara is truly the most romantic place on earth.

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  1. Nomadic Samuel says:

    I absolutely love hotels that have unique charms. I’m going to strongly consider staying at the Amansara in Siem Reap, Cambodia considering how often I visit Angkor Wat.

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