France Is A Stone’s Throw Away for a weekend romantic getaway

17thcentury cobblestone roads adorned with beautiful French stone architecture, street side cafes and terraces, carriage rides and late night dinner cruises is what you will find as you step from your hotel room onto the streets of this weekend romantic getaway.

If you arrive here during the summertime, you will mostly likely be greeted with huge amounts of French inspired music, dinner and home made wine. A mime or huge marionette dancing around your table is a daily source of entertainment courtesy of the local establishments, and if you are truly lucky enough, you may even get to have your portrait painted by a local artist while sitting in a huge horse driven carriage.

Immediately, the smell of coffee, lavender, thyme and rosemary fills you senses as you look around and realize how beautiful and historically reminiscent this part of the city really is. For someone who has never been here, it truly is awe inspiring.

Montreal's European Style Hotel

Montreal’s European Style Hotel

Winter brings a different vibe to this part of the city, it is somewhat more serene, but somehow just as magical. While the street side cafes and terraces may not be immediately visible, as soon as you enter into any of the hundreds of local establishments, you will feel the essence of the entire city come alive. Many of its’ finer restaurants and cafes are filled with a romantic ambiance of flowers and candles set a top Victorian style tabletops, surrounded by stone walls and floors amid 17th century art and linens.

The menus and local road signs are written in a foreign language, the ground is made out of cobblestone, the shopkeepers speak French and the energy of this city makes you feel as though you have travelled back into another time and place ~ 17th century France. However, this is 2012, and this is “Old Montreal,” a small area located in the heart of Montreal, Canada. It is the most beautiful and romantic parts of the city and a must see on any Montreal vacation itinerary.

Considered by many to be one of the most culturally diversified cities in North America, Montreal has a multitude of romantic weekend getaway packages. There is so much to see and do in this huge metropolis, you can come back each and every weekend for a complete year and still have not seen most of what this city has to offer.

Known for its’ numerous festivals and free outdoor concerts, Montreal is a city for the young at heart. Downtown bars, restaurants and other adult “nightlife” is open until the early hours of the morning, making this a favourite spot for younger romantic couples. It does however, have its fair share of chic, quiet and relaxing areas for older couples to visit. Only a stone’s throw away from the Champlain, New York border, this city has something for everyone.

Plan a romantic weekend getaway to Montreal and you and your partner will experience a taste of France without having to take a plane ride to Europe. However, you still need your passport to cross the border.

Romance Travel Magazine _ Montreal

Montreal is my home town. I cannot wait to share my insider tips with you. Join me each week as I bring you a new exciting story about this amazing city, along with my personal expert views on the best local restaurants, hotels deals and romantic getaway spots. It is sure to inspire you to find your very own “Montreal” moment.

Woils of lavender, thyme, rosemary and eucalyptus,



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