How I Planned My Surprise Picnic For Two

My guy’s birthday was coming up soon and I’d been dreaming of a romantic picnic with him. He is very tough to coax to come along on a picnic due to the fact that he enjoys active day trips. It was not easy for me to think of what would work, so I made a list of all the things he enjoys and how I could incorporate a surprise for him that included a picnic basket. Yet, I would probably need to hide the basket by offering to drive to the destination and packing all the goodies in a cooler instead of a wicker basket. I usually have a beach blanket and other beach paraphernalia in my car due to the number of times I’m often caught impulsively going to the beach these days.

Living in Delaware it’s very easy to find activities for guys. So my list started out with Boating (we don’t own a boat, but we could rent one), Fishing (he adores beach “surf fishing”, but it’s something we do too often to be a surprise, a long country drive to one of the historic spots of Delaware or even Maryland would be nice but perhaps not active enough, but then I stumbled upon a “Kayak Tour”. We don’t own a Kayak, but we have been thinking of that investment. Living near the water we could go almost anytime that is convenient. Perhaps the Kayak tour is just what the birthday boy would enjoy, it’s starts at 9:00am in the morning and runs for 3 hours. Not only would this give him time to learn about Kayaking, it will also be great for incorporating a romantic picnic afterwards…for lunch!

Happy young couple eating strawberries

The Kayak Tour that I decided upon was run by the Lewes Historical Society. The tour includes the Kayak rental and was within my budget for a birthday gift with an added picnic surprise! How exciting this new activity and possible sportsman hobby for the future will be.

After booking the tour and letting my guy know that I had something special planned. I assured him that he would enjoy it, because it would include an activity, history and the water. Success—he was intrigued.

The date arrived and the weather was going to be perfect, one worry down! So we headed out to meet with the entire group that was going on the tour that morning. The tour was exciting, my guy enjoyed every minute and we both seemed to think that we had found ourselves a new sport, Kayaking! A little about the tour, we were taken to areas of Delaware history, shipwrecks and such. The trip down the canal was my favorite and then we also headed out along the Atlantic shore. It was great seeing my guy smile, the birthday surprise was perfect so far.

As we finished our tour, I knew I had my guy in the mood for some relaxation and ready for something to nosh. Part two of the surprise was on. We walked over to my car and as I flipped the back hood of my Honda Element I asked him if he would help me with something in the back. He came over behind me and I said take a look here. Inside was a cooler, an oversized picnic basket filled with linens napkins and silverware. As I turned around he had a huge smile on his face and I felt he was ready for this.

The spot that I selected was in nearby park. The season wasn’t in full swing yet so we were bound to find a quiet place in the park that was ours and ours alone. As we drove to our romantic spot, we held hands and at the stop lights exchanged deep kisses. Everything was perfect.


As we drove around the park, it was quiet, we were able to find a soft grassy spot that was remote but shaded by large overgrown trees. As my guy took a short walk, I spread out the beach blanket and set-up the picnic. In my bag of tricks I brought along a candle, bug spray and well….protection.

I had packed ice and small glasses, I poured us both Lemoncello (imported Lemon Liqueur). Took out the French baguette that had been cut into slices as well as the soft cheese that I know my guy adores. When he returned, he was amazed. I told him to relax and to just enjoy. My job was to spread the soft cheese on the slices and place it to his lips. He was amazed at the planning and the items that I had brought just for us.

After feeding him large beautiful sweet strawberries, cut pineapple and grapes. He leaned towards me with a kiss tasting of fruity goodness. I responded. We were assured of privacy and we kissed and made love as if it were our first time.

When we were satisfied and relaxed, I then read to him some poetry from Emily Dickinson:

My river runs to thee, Blue sea, wilt thou welcome me? My river awaits reply. Oh! Sea, look graciously.

I’ll fetch thee brooks. From spotted nooks. Say, sea, Take Me!

After partaking in more fruit, bread and cheese and enjoying each other, we laid back on the blanket and looked at the sky. Listened to birds sing and talked about our day, laughed and discussed shipwrecks. It was time for some desert:

Some gourmet chocolates and fresh iced water. Salt air and each other.

Life is sweeter than the candy. Your kisses always meet my fancy.

Ok, so I’m not Emily, but my guy loved his poem, written on a small handmade card.

“Your Picnic Romance”

We took pictures of “our spot” and headed home. Success I thought to myself!

Susan Parker Rosen is a freelance writer and the author of The Bastard Child

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