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If you are not the kind of individual who normally reads, you may not understand exactly how a detective novel relates to romance.

In fact, you probably have no idea how reading is even considered romantic. Well as every prolific writer and reader knows, there is nothing more romantic than curling up to a nice warm fire, reading a book and relaxing. If you are not a novel reader yourself, you can still enjoy a romantic moment by the fire with your partner while you engage in some other quiet activity such as; reading the newspaper or working on some cross word puzzles. If you are lucky enough to have your very own reading nook, this romantic moment can be an even better experience. For those of you who do not know what a reading nook is; it is a quiet area in your home set aside for reading. It can be a bench near an open window, comfortable chairs in the library or any other setting that is warm, inviting and quiet.

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Imagine yourself sitting in front of a wood burning fireplace, with a soft blanket, candles are all around you, the room is lit with a soft romantic glow and you are lying next to your lover reading a novel. What would that novel be? For each person that will be a different choice. Book choice is really a matter of preference. You do not need to read a romance novel; you can read just about anything, the romance factor is not in what you read, but how you choose to read and what romantic place the book can take you.

Romantic getaway travel is going to take a step out of the normal and include a whole new interesting section. Along with providing our readers with romantic ideas, trips and travel information, we are going to begin to publish interesting books that we think our readers will enjoy. These novels will be available on all of our sites but as one of our readers, you will get to hear about them first. Each book is intended to inspire some quiet moments of romance and relaxation to promote a better lifestyle. We are pleased to introduce our very first publication with you, called ironically enough, “In A Kick-Ass Sentimental Mood,”

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The novel is a detective story written by Jerry Freeman. Since 1966, Mr. Freeman has been a recognizable figure in the U.S. “war on poverty” and writer of several stories and novels. Writing since 1975, Jerry is most known for being editor of Minnesota’s African American newspaper; The Spokesman-Recorder, for the past ten years.

The novel is set in the future but is a modern day replica of the most popularized detective novels available. This is no light-weight novel, in fact, its’ sheer size of over 700 pages is a good indication of the complexity of the story. A definite must read on any detective book reader’s bucket list. In the words of Jerry Freeman himself, “The ancient law of the primeval jungle has been resurrected as the ruling principle of a corporate jungle of technological power. Once gain it’s any man and woman for him/herself. It’s no-holds-barred-competition. It’s the LIVE FREE OR DIE American ideal.”

We hope that you will nestle up next to the fireplace with one of our books and travel to romantic places along with us. You can follow Jerry on his Facebook group and read about this and other interesting novels we have to sell on Kazoom Publishing.

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